Valins & Co.: DVF On the Go

Valins & Co., Kiera Ormut-Fleishman and Luis Aguirre create The Bearable Lightness of Packing for Diane von Furstenberg.

Client: Diane von Furstenberg
Narration: Diane von Furstenberg
Art Director: Diego Marini
Storyboards: Kiera Ormut-Fleishman
Illustration: Kiera Ormut-Fleishman, Michaela McKenny, Cara Rearick
Animation Company: Valins & Co.
Creative Director: Scott Valins
Executive Producer: Mike Sullo
Lead Animator: Luis Aguirre
Compositor: Mancel Lindsey
Music: MAS- Music and Strategy
Partner/Executive Producer: James Alvich
Composers: John J. Boyd, Eric v. Hackikian



Jeffrey Welk

nice work fellas!


I shared this video with a friend because of a blog entry he’d made about traveling. He had an interesting response that I thought I’d share here:
“Wow, just after I’ve started reading “The Coming Insurrection” to hear what she says about traveling just makes me think that it’s a sort of propaganda for mobility, which is what capitalism wants above all, for its citizens to be unrooted and capable of moving where labor is required.”

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