The Witcher 2: Ice Bomb Trailer

Jaw-dropping trailer created by Platige Image for CD Projekt RED’s forthcoming Xbox 360/PC title, The Witcher 2. WARNING: Extreme gore. Credits and more info here.

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Justin Cone

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Philip Davies

I love when they make fantasy violence look like ballet.


Visually, it  looks really good and it’s a good trailer.  It accomplishes the goal for sure and the team over at Platige Image put a hell of a lot of work in.

This is nitpicking to death for some, but things that I’d have to point out because they immediately stood out to my eye the first time I watched it were:

-The animation is a bit jerky and stiff in spots.

-Interesting that he(or his clothing) not being wet the entire time at all despite him apparently swimming all the way to the boat to board it.  All of the water and the spec/gloss map is gone within seconds

-The boat shifts, breaks in half and he runs to a lower elevated boat deck, but his weight never shifts(nor do his hips compensate) at all for the lower elevation or tilted surface.  They stay exactly the same as on the higher surface.

-I’ve never played the Witcher and I don’t know this character’s background, but I found it a little odd that his clothes or armor weren’t affected by the ice potion.  When he’s hiding behind the barrels, even the backside of the barrels were affected.  I’d accept that he didn’t, but his clothing? 

-His hood not moving once when he first spins to avoid the first arrow from the archer, but it does move in the following fight sequence a second later.

-And MOST noticeable was when the hero is jumping to to the rail of the boat to escape, the Hanz Zimmeresque Pirates of the Caribbean music starts up and it literally sounds they ripped and chopped(or could have been an homage, only they know) ‘Swords Crossed’ from the Pirates 1 soundtrack.

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