This Idea Is Not Working by Henrique Barone

After we were initially sent Henrique Barone’s stellar short, This Idea Is Not Working, our jaws hit floor. We immediately wanted to share it with our  Motionographer readers, so got the engine warmed up and put things in motion. Then, something happened: we found out it’s a student piece. Jeepers! We scratched our head and weighed the options. Of course, we do have our Students section and although you can find it there, we were so impressed by Barone’s animation skills that we had no choice but to give it some love in our Main section. One thing we never want Motionographer to become is a place where only big-studios reign supreme and the little guy (you, me, us, etc) has no shot to shine. And not to gush, but it’s rare to find animation so inventive, polished and well-timed—let alone, a student piece. Did we mention that it’s hand-drawn?

After you watch This Idea Is Not Working, be sure to check out a wonderful step-by-step breakdown that the artist put together here.