Hush for Marsh

Hush Studios delivers again with a beautiful piece for Marsh. A gorgeously minimal design paired with great animation make this a real treat.

Director Jodi Terwilliger had this to say about about the creative process:

The client initially asked us for a visual exploration of what IGNITE meant (an acronym for their internal leadership goals). We ended up turning it into an epic story based, surprisingly enough, on the Odyssey.

Visually, it started out much more flat and graphic. I wanted to keep it simple so we could execute above and beyond. What I discovered was that Salih and Justin were banging out amazing test animations almost immediately, which empowered me to start giving the design and the character a lot more depth. It’s really a testament to their skill and their dedication to the project.

Salih and Justin are two of my favorite animators in New York, and they did their usual fantastic work here. I’m looking forward to seeing what’s next in 2012 from Hush.

Ben Brooks: Practice Leader, Human Capital Performance
Christian K. Schaub: Project Leader, Human Capital Performance
Peter Zaffino: President, CEO
Laurie Ledford: Chief Human Resources Officer
Jodi Cohen: Global Leader, Internal Communication
Victor Bialski: Marketing and Communications Manager, Brazil
Simon Bleasdale: Global Creative Director

Creative Partners: David Schwarz, Erik Karasyk
Director / Lead Designer: Jodi Terwilliger
Script: Peter Rhoads, Jodi Terwilliger
2D Animators: Salih Abdul-Karim, Justin Demetrician
Assistant Animators: Jeff Chong, Yinzi Xiong
Producer: Jana Heiss

Music Sound Design: David Kamp
VO Recording: Antfood
VO Artist: Lizzie Brown

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Elliot Blanchard

Elliot Kealoha Blanchard runs Invisible Light Network, a Brooklyn design studio covering everything from broadcast to interactive and experience projects. He also directs short films, and his previous work has appeared in film festivals around the world.


Shafeek Mohammed

wow, nice design concept and animation


The diamond and the sea are really gorgeous. Great work.


Great work. Did you guys use an AE character rig or was it all hand done?

Justin Demetrician

Hey, it was all hand done using hinging and parenting in AE. We thought about using an IK rig setup for a few scenes but never happened.

Brett Knox

The animation has an interesting style. How were you able to develop a style for the background that complimented the figures throughout the animation?

Jodi Terwilliger

Hey Brett, It was a very fluid process between Justin, Salih and I.  The better their animations got, the deeper the design got.  It was all about making sure that the bkg and the secondary elements felt like they came from the same place.  Which was initially paper.  The idea was that this guy was a sketch on a piece of paper, so everything we created felt like it could have been created on, and cut from paper which he could then live on and interact with.  It’s also the basis for the animation being more of a cel style, and why the only piece of 3d in it, is the diamond.


Nice work guys, love the character animation!! At moments it reminds me of KissKissBangBang titles, or furthermore, Saul Bass. Were they inspirations?

Jodi Terwilliger

Not KKBB, but definitely Saul Bass.  His work was probably the number one influence. Catch Me If You can was an early inspiration as well. That 60s style in general was an enormous influence on this piece..

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