Maxim Zhestkov – Toca me 2012

Sci-fi / Noir open titles sequence for TOCA ME design conference. By Maxim Zhestkov & Marcelo Baldin.

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Ruoyu Li

hot shit..


This sort of stuff fails to move me on anything more than a technical level. Maybe i missed something, but it would be great if it could have some kind of narrative, or perhaps introduce some humor because at the end of the day clean and shiny but has no heart… it feels plastic.

Am i missing something? Please feel free to prove me wrong :)

Gabriel Valente Ferrão

ur not the only one. i think we’re all tired of this kind of work… black and white, abstract geometry, chromatic aberration, minimalist…. it’s been done. also, i’m tired of seeing the same director’s work being featured on motionographer so often….

this video sums it all up:


i feel this is different though. i like it. i think its the next step up from the stuff we have all seen so so many times before with everyone abusing their little mograph and plexus for some abstract stuff.

this one is less abstract, it plays with the lighting, it gives you a glimpse of what the object might be, has parts you think you recognize, but every time you think you got it “oh its a camera..” “oh its a tv” “oh its a robotdummy” it twists it away again. so while there isnt a narrative as such, i still there is some sort of arch and tension in this piece.


Well I am not completely in agreement that the video link sums it up. while i do agree with it, Maxims piece here is on a whole different level of technical ability to the mograph junkies that vimeo link is aimed at.

BUT that said I too think of this vid as merely a tech demo, and if you start stepping into the world of tech only then there is the whole film VFX crew that would wipe the floor with this. its neither here nor there for me.


to be fair, its ‘only’ an intro sequence, not a short film or a movie. it also shouldn’t distract too much from the names being presented.


I think it’s entirely possible to create a narrative (for example) and still keep it understated enough that it keeps the speakers names ‘hero’.

Don’t you?


well yes i think your right but I am not entirly sure I understand why it has been featured on the blog. Nice render…thats it


This is not the restrained, eerie elegance we know and love from Zhestkov, visually or audibly. Shrug, I’m going to keep following him :)


I personally don’t think this is a bad project. It’s just the same thing we have been seing for the last couple years. It’s not inspiring at all. But, you know, if you’re part of the circle, you can get featured in here, even if you keep making the same old black and white bullshit with sci-fi sound fx noises. :)

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