Guilherme Marcondes — The Master’s Voice

Guilherme Marcondes (Hornet) has been busy cooking up a new short, The Master’s Voice, which he describes as “the story of the city-island of ‘M.,’ a decadent metropolis inhabited only by ghosts and ghouls.”

I asked about the creepy (yet familiar) New York City location, and he had this to say:

We shot at Chambers St. Station underneath City Hall. It isn’t closed, it just looks like shit (or amazing depending on the angle you see it). We had no permit, just four of us with a [Canon] 5D, late at night.

Long-time readers will be familiar with Marcondes’ previous work posted here, including the Bunraku opening sequence and his much celebrated short, Tyger.

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Andelko Jurin

Love this mixture of animation.  Loved to know how to dancing dude was done.  The workflow, composting etc

Aaron Becker

wonderful work

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