Quayola and Memo Akten for the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad

Nexus Interactive Arts has worked with Quayola and Memo Akten on Forms for the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad, which is part of the larger countdown to the Olympics. The piece uses archival footage of athletes from the National Media Museum as a seed for a series of abstract animations. An on-site installation also allows visitors to explore the individual layers that comprise each segment.

As a fun compare and contrast, here’s how Lobo approached a similar brief in a past project for Panasonic (thanks Higa):

Quayola and Memo Akten – Artists
Production Company – Nexus Interactive Arts
Beccy McCray – Creative Producer
Jo Bierton – Production Manager
Matthias Kispert – Sound design
Maxime Causeret – Houdini Developer
Raffael F J Ziegler (AKA Moco) – 3D Animator
Katie Parnell – 3D Tracker
Eoin Coughlan – 3D Tracker
Mark Davies – 3D Tracking Supervisor
With thanks to BBC Motion Gallery and Commonwealth Games Federation

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Adrian Navarro

amazing interpretation of movement!


Another one called Human Paint by Robert Seidel

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