OddBall Animation: RUIN

OddBall Animation presents RUIN, an animated short set in a post-apocalyptic universe.

OddBall used Luxology modo quite a bit for the production, which we’re seeing popping up more and more in projects these days. Loads of making-of visuals can be found on OddBall’s project page.

Tip o’ the hat to Ash Thorp.


Ivan Cruz

I’ve been using Modo myself lately and loving it! Such a great program.

Danie Malan

simply awesome! would love to know the vegetation secret? Only criticism is that a small part, where his hand is off the accelerator and the sound of the bike is indicating acceleration.


it was made with Ivy Generator.


According to the interviews I’ve watched, trees were modeled on an iPad using TreeSketch, while Ivy Generator was used for the vines and ground cover. Both are free apps, but the tutorials for TreeSketch reveal a surprising level of depth and control. Deeply impressed!


Great work! There is more to learn about on Luxology forum:


Why you dont mention that it was a LOT of  LIGHTWAVE? why just Modo when it was just a bit???

Justin Cone

It was rendered in modo, and I think that’s noteworthy, since modo is still a relative newcomer in that context. Lightwave has been around for a loooooong time, and it’s use here isn’t novel.

Ruoyu Li

Modo is cool, but lightwave in my opinion has been dead for years. Although I am sure there are still people that work with lightwave on serious projects, it is definitely not the main stay in the industry. This short does say something about 3d pipelines in general, studios throws a lot of money into refining their pipeline and creating custom software. But i think we’ve arrived at a time when literally anything is possible, and software is no longer the excuse. Software knowledge is important, but this is really a testament to how far the artist can go with just a strong creative instinct and insane work ethic. Ruin was a project made with off the shelf solutions to 3d problems. Its interesting when you think about it, had this been made by a REAL studio with employees, its budget would have been millions of dollars, but really its made by only a handful of people with time to spare. A real talented artist can make a HUGE difference in creative project.

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