Classic Quickie: Zbig Rybczynski “Tango”

Classic Quickie: Before Michel Gondry got big with clever videos, Zbig Rybczynski explored epic loops in his 1983 Academy Award-winning Tango. Excellent write-up at Not Coming to a Theater Near You. (note: some NSFW naked bits start around 3:50)


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brad walter

This is great but be warned naked people start showing up at about 3:50, not that I am complaining 


good point, amended with warning ;)


Video has been removed from YouTube. Any other places where I can watch this masterpiece?

Taylor Johnston

This short was the inspiration for the Gotye “Easy Way Out” video that was posted here.  The director mentioned it in this interview:


I remember when my colleagues were working on this Green Day video directed by Mark Kohr which was obviously an homage to Rybcizynski’s Tango.

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