Timo Schaedel / Platige Image: Hotpoint “Land of Heat”

Timo Schaedel and Platige Image present an otherworldly landscape in Hotpoint “Land of Heat”. It’s a lovely study of light refracting across hot and hotter air, creating a watercolor meets macro-photography effect.

Platige Image has a photo gallery of macro-licious stills at their facebook and a making-of below.

Agency: JWT Milan
Producer: Isabella Guazzone
CCO: Enrico Dorizza
Creatives: Cristiano Tonnarelli, Pinky Mascetti, Alessandro Conte
Production house: Akita Film:
Producer: Alessia Pietromarchi
Director: Timo Schaedel
Postproduction manager: Paulina Machalica-Niemira
Postproducer: Agnieszka Stachowicz, Olga Kotas
CG Supervisor: Jakub Knapik
Postproduction studio: Platige Image
On set supervisor: Jakub Knapik, Adam Wierzchowski
Concepts: Damian Bajowski, Marek Madej, Michael Lohde
Animatic: Bartek Kik, Damian Nenow
Modelling: Konrad Kiełczykowski, Łukasz Rzeszot, Piotr Tatar, Tadeusz Chmiel
Simulation: Piotr Suchodolski, Łukasz Sobisz, Andreas Felix Gebhardt
Rendering: Jakub Knapik, Tadeusz Chmiel, Waldemar Woźniak, Jakub Bogacki, Piotr Tatar, Łukasz Rzeszot
Support rendering: Marcin Waśko
Compositing: Jakub Knapik, Tadeusz Chmiel, Robert Bielecki
Support compositing: Juliusz Zenkner, Piotr Popielawski, Piotr Dworaczyński
Conversion: Adam Wierzchowski, Jakub Jeziorski
Programming: Adam Wierzchowski, Jakub Jeziorski
Grading: Piotr Dutkiewicz
Online: Mariusz Rokicki
Support online: Wojciech Rogalski, Aneta Kitlitz

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joao rosa

I swear I hear “to give you the perfect cocaine… Experience cocaine, in high definition”.
I think it’s the accent!

jake sargeant

almost a shame all that super detailed texturing had to get heat warped….super rad vfx/compositing breakdown…bravo to all involved!

Harm van Zon

I sooo agree, in first I didn’t even knew what I was looking at. It’s until I saw the making of that I noticed what I was looking at and how superb the details are..

Jim Howells

Technically impressive but I agree with jake sargeant, gets kinda ruined by the heat effect. Also, a lot of CG jiggery-pokery for an end image that could have been achieved practically.That’s Platige’s thing though and they do it soooo well :)


Fantastic!!! What tools did you use?


Does anyone but me think it’s odd to cook already frosted cupcakes?

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