Here’s a weekend tip: Fez, Polytron’s gorgeous (and much-delayed) game, is scheduled to release today on Xbox Live Arcade. Fez – along with titles like Journey and Limbo – seem to be indicative of a nice little trend: indie games from smaller studios that emphasize original gameplay and fantastic visual design instead of the usual focus on sequels.


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Elliot Blanchard

/ www.invisiblelightnetwork.com
Elliot Kealoha Blanchard runs Invisible Light Network, a Brooklyn design studio covering everything from broadcast to interactive and experience projects. He also directs short films, and his previous work has appeared in film festivals around the world.

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Kris Merc

So glad you guys posted this. It really is an amazing piece of interactive art. Love the shout out to Journey and Limbo :). Very cool.

Arthur Bru

Incredible atmosphere… Shoegaze gaming ? He he.

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