Method Design for The Avengers

Beautiful and simple, Method Design’s (a division of Method Studios) end title sequence for Marvel’s latest blockbuster features exquisitely detailed, close-up shots of The Avengers’ costumes. My favourite part is how they’re all chipped, broken, scuffed, and worn. This piece is quiet and gorgeous – a total opposite to the film itself (which is anything but quiet), and as such, it gives the audience a perfect finish to the experience. Like an elegant dessert after a sumptuous main course. In case you’re wondering, yes this is definitely a film worth seeing.

From Method Studios’ page:

Creative Director for Method Design in LA, Steve Viola comments, “Many of the shots in the piece employ complex transitions that proved challenging with varying lenses, scene depths and text positioned in stereo. We were pleased with the resulting sequence, which while CG, is completely believable.”

Thanks, Whedonesque, for the tip.

Creative Director: Steve Viola

Producer: Dan Masciarelli

Concept Designer: Chris Sanchez
Title Designer: Steve Viola
Designers: Bernard Crosland, Michael Sausa
CG Supervisor: Pouyan Navid
CG Lighter: Marko Mandaric
Lead 3D Designer: Jamie Sawyer
CG Artists: Omid Ensafi, Norris Houk, Ariel Loza
Stereo Compositing Supervisor: Troy Moore
Lead Compositor: Eva Snyder
Compositors:  Krista Benson, Sandro Blattner, Ivy Depies, Sam Jorgensen, Ryan Quinlan


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Born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia, Lilian moved to Singapore and eventually Australia for her studies, eventually graduating from Swinburne NID in Prahran, Melbourne. She then worked in print design before deciding to switch to the field of Motion Design in late 2003. Her obsessions include travelling, illustrating, and cats. She is currently in the London leg of her 'Mograph Tour Around The World', and calls Melbourne home.


Tyquane Wright

watched the first 2 seconds and closed it. damn nice. going to wait to see the rest on the big screen


looks AMAZING!!!! great work! i would love to know more about the
process and maybe a credit list so the artist can get some of the glory
for their hard work.

Lilian Darmono

Hey Tina, yeah we’re working on some Q&A with the team. Stay tuned. 


This is great. Did anyone notice the similarity between this and the credits for Snow White and the Huntsman? I was rather disappointed, for the sake of conceptual “originality,” though the visuals were quite well done.

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