Mikey Please: The Eagleman Stag

Mikey Please’s paper-craft short film about a man obsessed with time, The Eagleman Stag, finally makes its online debut after a very successful festival run. The Eagleman Stag pre-dates Please’s luscious TV on the Radio music video and Dragonframe commision, Seven Legs. Also announced today, Please will be represented by Passion Pictures in Europe and Hornet Inc. in the Americas.

The Eagleman Stag is the third and final film we’ve featured of the three Royal College of Art grad films that were honored with a 2011 BAFTA nomination in the Short Animation category (the other two being Matthias Hoegg‘s Thursday and Dave Prosser’s Matter Fisher). The Dope Sheet ran a great interview with Mikey back in February.

Please is currently working on and fundraising for his new film, Martyn Myller. Keeping in line with Please’s cosmic stories, the protagonist wonders if he is shrinking or if everything else is just getting bigger. See more about the film below.