Anthony Scott Burns for Paul Van Dyk

Anthony Scott Burns has created a wild sci-fi ride for Paul Van Dyk’s upcoming album “Evolution”

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Elliot Blanchard

Elliot Kealoha Blanchard runs Invisible Light Network, a Brooklyn design studio covering everything from broadcast to interactive and experience projects. He also directs short films, and his previous work has appeared in film festivals around the world.



stole Prologues OFFF 2009! 

Anthony Scott Burns

Before you watch this, I also stole from:
2001Mad MaxZardozFantastic PlanetTHX 1138Time BanditsStar WarsAlienTronAlejandro JodorowskyRoger DeanDavid LynchMoebiusH.G. WellsPhilip K. DickIsaac Asimov…… and millions more.And used the plugin Plexus.


nah cmon. Of course the OFFF 2009 intro is not the first footage shot in the desert and is inspired by a lot of stuff which was made before. But there are some shots which really looked A LOT like the OFFF 2009 titles and less like Dune.

Martin Speidel

great! i’d love to see a long version of this :)

Steven Hollman

Keep “stealing” stuff because its turning out beautiful!

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