SXSW 2012: Beauty is Embarrasing

Disclaimer: Wayne White was a speaker at the 2011 F5 Festival. His talk makes an appearance at the end of this film.

In Beauty is Embarrassing, director Neil Berkeley and his subject, Wayne White, create one of the funniest, most thoughtful, and well-articulated documentaries of the highs and lows that face all professional artists that I have ever seen. The film explores balancing work and personal life, the fickle nature of success, and what motivates us to keep going with our often difficult jobs. Not to make it sound like a serious affair – as you’ll see from the trailer, it’s impossible to spend time with Wayne White and not laugh your ass off.

To read our full review and a Q&A with Neil and Wayne, click here.

Upcoming Screenings
• Thursday, June 21, 7:30pm, LACMA/Bing Theater, LA Film Festival. Tickets
• Saturday, June 23, 5:30pm, Silver Spring, MD, SilverDocs. Tickets
• Sunday, June 24, 8:15pm, Silver Spring, MD, SilverDocs. Tickets
For more news go to the Beauty is Embarrassing website or follow @waynewhitedoc.

At the time of publication the film has not been picked up for major distribution. There is a Kickstarter campaign in progress to distribute Beauty is Embarrassing to theaters nationally. Help Neil and Wayne bring their story to as many people as possible!


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Bobby Shepherd

I’d kill 3 people, 2 penguins, and 1 vampire if those of us who paid to come could get those talks. Or at least members-only access to a stream. We can only write and remember so much!

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