How Animation Works

If you’ve ever been curious, New Zealand-based Cirkus explains in irony-laden detail how the commercial 3D animation process works. It’s so simple, even an idiot could do it!

No, but seriously, if you’re a client, please watch this. It’s a 100% accurate portrayal of the process and can help explain why change requests that seem so simple can end up costing you thousands of dollars.

Tip o’ the hat to Jamie O’hara.

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Together with Carlos El Asmar, Justin co-founded Motionographer, F5 and The Motion Awards. He currently lives in Austin, Texas with is wife, son and fluffball of a dog. Before taking on Motionographer full-time, Justin worked in various capacities at Psyop, NBC-Universal, Apple, Adobe and SCAD.



This is a great and informative animation.

Which essentially means 9 out of 10 clients will ever see this…


thanks you for this post..It is useful for me.


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