Wolf & Crow Launches

After working in relative obscurity for a year, Wolf & Crow recently launched their website. It’s full of high caliber work, quickly establishing the fledgling… Read more

TalkTalk: Model Britain

Rattling Stick’s Danny Kleinman brings miniatures to life for British telecom provider TalkTalk.

motion2012 coming in October

motion2012 is coming up in October, with a keynote from Dreamworks Animation on the upcoming “Rise of the Guardians.” Get more details here.

DIA Launches

Mitchell Paone and Meg Donohoe recast themselves as DIA, putting branding services front and center.

Gaian.me – Official Trailer 2012

Nice trailer for Gaian.me by freelancers: Fredrik Ekholm, Steffen Knoesgaard and Linus Lundin. Audio by Audionerve. For more info click here.

Waleed Zaiter – Reel 2012

Waleed Zaiter updates his reel for 2012 with slick motion pieces, some great Buck showcases and more.

invade ALL OF THE humans!!!

Attention Human-ographers. Your puny planet is under attack. Lay down your Wacoms and surrender to the awesome might of PX Micron and Calculord 3! Don’t… Read more

Jason Carpenter: The Renter

Do yourself a favor: Stop what you’re doing and, for the next 9 minutes devote your attention to “The Renter,” an animated short by CalArts… Read more

Charlex for HTC

Director Kris Mercado and the talented folks at CHRLX showcase the latest from HTC with a killer graphic look and fantastic animation.

Diogo Kalil Updates

Check out Diogo Kalil‘s top-notch updated portfolio!

Tendril for Globosat

Tendril rebrands Bis Multishow HD for Globosat (sound by White Noise Lab).

Rise & fall

Salon Alpin deliver an impressive spot for the Mayrhofen Rise & Fall sports event featuring some slick transitions of mountains into men. Check out the… Read more

Josh Childers Updates

Designer/director Josh Childers updates his portfolio with beautiful boards and animation.

See No Evil October

Monday October 1st See No Evil presents an evening with Rex Crowle (LittleBigPlanet, Tearaway). Free entry, prizes & good times!

“Home” by Luiz Stockler

The talented Luiz Stockler just finished his new animated short, ‘Home’. A bit NSFW… but awesome regardless!