Frames Set Match for Animals Australia

We all know how horrible factory farming is by now, but what’s interesting about this particular campaign is that it seeks to maintain its Television airspace through viewers’ donation. If there is one ad that deserves to be watched instead of getting chucked aside by channel-surfing or toilet-going, this is it. As a friend of mine said, ‘if this doesn’t stop factory farming in Australia, nothing would’. Consider making a donation, folks. Or at least think twice about where that packet of meat you’re buying came from.

Frame Set Match (FSM) of Sydney did the wonderful job of bringing this chorus of animals together. Full credits and more about the process and the story behind this ad can be found here.

Thank you for the nudge, Guy and Stefan.


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Well it leaves a lot to be desired for the animals, it’s turning meat into happy meat purchasing by saying to people lets help get these animals into bigger cages and then we shall kill them. This did not happen with slavery and women’s rights reforms. It’s all about change and that is to stop using and killing animals all together, not just more regulation. Where is the word veganism in this campaign, no where. Why cuz that doesn’t bring in donations but it saves animals lives. Animals Australia are just selling out the animals they are supposedly trying to protect. This campaign is slaughter with love. An insult to intelligence


This is a foolish statement. don’t equate slavery and women’s right to that of animals. it makes you come across as not very bright. It’s pure common sence that these are different. Animals eat other animals and it’s only natural for humans to eats animals too. It’s a shame human greed as pervert that act for more profit.


just tHAT: Ethical Treatment of Animals. A normal life on sun, air. Pigs can´t even scratch their back, there´s not space enough!


It makes me laugh that people care about the well-being of animals, but these same people are happy to have said animal dead on their plates and chewed to bits inside their mouths.

“Well.. at least they had a happy life! nom nom nom”


Don´t judge people , you don´t know nothing about what we do, about what we eat. Work for the cause if you want to, if not, do what you want.


so dook, because the animal will eventually be killed, it’s not important for it to have a decent life? hmmmmm…

Simone, be realistic. Getting rid of factory farming is a much more immediate and attainable goal than converting the world to veganism. Work like this does do some good and is worth the effort if it eases any suffering at all.

Pedro Kobuti

There’s a lot of real problems in the world, like children starving and/or not getting educated. It’s amazing to see how naïve some of the arguments are. Some of you even have the audacity of comparing human slavery to animal farming (like that PETA ad comparing pictures of the holocaust with slaughterhouses).
I really wish we could farm the animals we eat in the most humane and clean way, but i’d rather focus on the real problems.


PROBLEMS with humans are caused by humans. The worry because animals is because ONLY humans can do it for them. Each problem is a problem and deserves to be treated . You can work for Starving children and at the same time be worried about Factory animals. Worry for on problem don´t means you don´t worry for other problems.

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