Playgrounds Fest 2012

Designed by Jordi Pages with MRK and Gabor Ekes, this beautiful title sequence for the 2012 Playgrounds Festival is nothing short of exquisite.

From the official Playgrounds Festival site:

Playgrounds Audiovisual Arts Festival is a festival for innovative and creative digital art. During the two-day festival in Tilburg, Playgrounds presents an impression of the latest developments in technology as well as creativity. The festival programme offers an inspiring mix of inventive films, documentaries, animation, graphic design, artist talks, character design and performances.

According to Watch the Titles:

You can’t really tell, but the Opening Titles of this year’s Playgrounds Digital Arts Fest in The Netherlands are, in fact, an exquisite corpse. And by that I mean the 20th century Surrealist technique, also known as ‘cadavre exquis’, where creators consecutively work on a piece of art in collaboration.

Watch for the “name tags” of each individual studio or person who contributed to this project. For a more in-depth look on how these titles were created, please visit

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