Kasra Design: What is a Vector Image?

Very cute piece on the difference between vector images and bitmap images. (I thought that people in our industry would find this fun). So, what does Kasra Design do?… Well, y’know how people get great ideas but end up frustrated because they can’t communicate their ideas effectively? Well, what Kasra Design does is help people communicate their ideas visually with cool “explainer videos.


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Angelo Collazo

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I am a doodling high-school artist who became a professional 3D computer animator. (Thanks SVA!) While still doodling, I have been blessed by God to work on large projects such as Psyop's Michelin Man tire campaign, Blue Sky Studio's movie "Rio", and Nick Jr's "Team Umizoomi". I also enjoy working on my own side personal projects (I aspire to be a director). Currently, I am fully enjoying a new life-chapter as a happily married man.

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