[Process] David Lewandowski pulls back the curtain on two projects

David Lewandowski, an oft-featured director/animator/compositor here on Motionographer, recently posted two breakdown videos that are worth a gander.

Flying Lotus “Tiny Tortures”

The first project, a music video for Flying Lotus, stars everyone’s favorite hobbit, Elijah Wood. (At least until Martin Freeman gives him a run for his money.)

The process montage is full of interesting insights, including reference videos, concept art and extensive vfx breakdowns.


Friendly Fires “Hurting”

We shared “Hurting” a while back, but David just recently posted his breakdown for it. Check out both.


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J in BK

I saw both BTS vids the other day when the Flying Lotus video came out… I think seeing what David and his crew did in C4D has finally convinced me to leave Maya behind and take up C4D as my primary 3d app. Great stuff.


Cgi shmeegi


Great to see C4D rule like this!

Dan Allen

Love it! I like how its a great mix of practical, 3D and 2D effects. The only thing that really bothered me was the keying at the end with the bat. The edges were too rounded lacked blending. I doubt it was due to RED footage, because I’ve got amazing keying results with it.

All in all, love it.

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