Royale rings in the Holidays with “The Bell Ringer”

Last year’s holiday short from Royale, “The Impossible Present,” featured a mischievous kid with an iron will. The mischief continues in this year’s short, “The Bell Ringer,” starring a clever (and somewhat violent) bell-wielding granny, Edith.

The short is part of a larger interactive experience also created by Royale. Royale’s Jayson Whitmore explains:

Our goal was two fold: to create a stylized animated piece with a dark twist (keeping in the tradition of our holiday video last year), and to create an interactive experience with a call to action to donate to the American Red Cross. We wanted to make the donation component as seamless as possible and set up the back end to accept donations that go directly to the American Red Cross.

Our goal is to raise 10k, and if we meet or exceed our goal there will be an alternate ending created as a thank you to everyone who contributed. It will be unexpected and epic so please spread the word so we can see what our favorite bell ringer Edith does.

Check out the interactive version of the spot on Royale’s site.


Evolution of Edith

Environment and Other Elements

Walking Men

The Bell


Last year’s “The Impossible Present”

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Mani O'Brien

Love it! So creative and generous as well. :)


Hi! Very Good! Cinema 4d, maya? modeling and animation…

David Piedrahita

I’m going to say Maya judging by the animatic. Very cool style.


was there when the Royale team cranked it out… turned out fab.
all done in Maya

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