Major Briggs: McDonald’s “Little World”

Telling a story while your camera is stabilized to a chicken-y asteroid is no minor animation task, but Major Briggs makes it look effortless in this spot for McDonald’s McBites. I love the variety in camera angles seamlessly transitioning. Let’s just hope the center of the universe does not end up being a meaty chunk.

Brand: McDonald’s Chicken McBites
Agency: Leo Burnett
Creative Directors: Tony Malcolm & Guy Moore
Executive Creative Director: Justin Tindall
Art Director: Will Thacker
Copywriter: Blake Waters
Director: Major Briggs
Production Company: Blinkink


Edward Rivera

simply amazing work


Love the integration.


I came here hoping to read some obligatory bitching about how it’s for McDonald’s. None? Nice, because it’s such a clever little spot and anyone who can make a meaty kibble look this good is pretty great in my book.

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