John Kahrs & Disney: Paperman

Disney’s Oscar-nominated short, Paperman, is now online. Check out itsartmag’s Paperman Breakdown by director John Kahrs. The sexy proprietary software that displaces textures with motion vectors is quite impressive.

Competing against Paperman for the Oscar this year along with Adam and Dog by Minkyu Lee, Head Over Heels by Timothy Reckart and Fodhla Cronin O’Reilly, Maggie Simpson in “The Longest Daycare” by David Silverman, and Fresh Guacamole by PES.

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Purely based on timing, editing, music, and skill of animation, this short is amazing! Throw in the technique Disney has developed and this is nothing short of phenomenal!
Some behind the scenes:


One of the best shorts I have ever seen. It’s just… beautiful.

mark haley

how is this in the quickies? stunning!


Great look and game changing technique, but the story is kind of poorly conceived. I have the feeling they didn´t know how to end it, so they´ve just went for good old disney fairy magic.


I wonder if we’ll ever get to see the tech?

Daniel French

Wonderful film!

But the technique… besides being fascinating, why not do it for real. If you want a hand drawn look… you should hand draw! It may be time saving and a good tool for say, small companies who want to achieve a certain style. But disney? They shouldn’t have problems financing the real deal.


Awesome techinque! The story… Well, it made me remember “Paroles en l’air, from Sylvain Vincendeau A LOT.

Mari Jacobs

I loved the Paperman. My husband exactly like the Full animated short film. We met on Bart ( San Francisco ). That was 35 years ago and we’re still married and has 3 beautiful daughters. You never know when, where and how you will meet someone. I loved the Paperman.

george wheeler

Dorky guy shares fleeting eye contact with very attractive girl. Decides to stalk her because they are definitely in love now. Evil boss just wants dorky guy to do work because he is evil. Paper planes represent Dorky guy’s obsessive stalker impulses – forcing him to roam the city in search of perfect dream girl because they are definitely in love. Turns out they are definitely in love.

7 year old test audience stare at credits – bemused and tired. 35 year old test audience hug each other and sob uncontrollably at the profound and worthwhile animation.

James Wignall

Amazing on so many levels

Lilly lee

who is john kahrs married to? the asian lady?

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