The Centrifuge Brain Project

The centrifuge Brain Project

Gravity is a mistake. The Centrifuge Brain Project by Till Nowak, starring Leslie Barany, cinematography: Ivan Robles Mendoza, sound: Andreas Radzuweit, Lukas Bonewitz

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Harm van Zon

animator + motion graphic designer @ onesize



This is brilliant, lovely original concept, lovely execution, and really good subtle cg integration.

why just a quickie? I feel this is one of the strongest pieces posted here this year. Might just be me though.


Brilliant! Wanna go for a ride!


definitefily no quickie! great


Quickie? C’mon guys….mistake!


I think they exceeded the speed limit that matter can move thru air.
At that speed some stuff would just break apart, or would need an enormous force.

but still, great renders, i love this kind of short movie


I saw this at OnedotZero 2011 (minus the interviewee). It was one of the best things in show then and I wanted to tell everyone about it. So glad it’s finally online! Such stunning concept and execution! I get palpitations just from thinking about the rides.

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