CRCR & McBess: Deezer “Music Unleashed”

CRCR do it again! This time teaming up with the illustration prowess of McBess in an explosive face melter for online music service Deezer.

Directors : CRCR
Designs : McBess
Agency : Being (GroupeTBWA\)
Equipe annonceur : Daniel Marhely, Axel Dauchez, Béatrice Tourvieille, Romain Amblard
Création : Thierry Buriez (DC), Julien Chiapolini (DA), Stéphane Sacuto, (DA) Mathieu Camillieri (DA), Riccardo Fregoso (CR), Guillaume Cartigny (DC Web), Sabrina Perez (DA Digital)
Production : Guillaume Faurel, Fabrice Pouvreau, Philippe Mineur (ELSE, GroupeTBWA\) et WIZZ
Achat d’art : Caroline Roesch
Stratégie : Nicolas Chemla
Commerciaux : Alexa Pantanella, Ignacio Chávez Rodríguez, Pauline Baillon
Musique : ‘Wannamama’ (White Arc Dub – Deezer Mix) P Counter Records 2013. Written and produced by Pop Levi Published by Just Isn’t Music
Production : WIZZdesign/QUAD
Producer : Matthieu Poirier
Animation : Paul Lacolley, Nicolas Deghani, Nicolas Pegon, Remi Bastie, Jeremy Pires, Johnatan Djob Nkondo, Xavier Ramonède, Vic Chhun
3D : Compositing Philippe Valette, Johanes Bellarosa. Marion Loudière
Music: ‘Wannamama’ (White Arc Dub – Deezer Mix)

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Thanks ! very Nice ca-tun Deezer. I was a simple hobby dj artist but my family Don’t like

Brandia TV (@Brandia_tv)

The animation is good, but the character design of McBess…. are Awesome!! Great work and great post.

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