Street Fighter III – Furrinkazan Trailer

Victor Hugo, a talented Brazil-based artist, has created yet another fantastic piece this time based around the world of Street Fighter.  In this teaser trailer you can see the quality level is set quite high and I know I can’t wait for the full short! It brings Street Fighter to a whole new light by matching the cartoony style of Pixar with our old favorite.  Also check out his website for a full gallery of images that carry much the same style and polish as the trailer.

In his Vimeo account you can see a few tests for the project as well as a rigging reel.  Here’s a hair test to whet your appetite:

From Victor:

Street Fighter III – Fuurinkazan it’s a fan-made short animation movie made by Victor Hugo Queiroz ( and Derek Henriques (, who tells the story of the fight between Ryu VS Hugo, well known by fans as was told on Street Fighter III with a whole new and original design.

Portugues – Street Fighter III – Fuurinkazan é um filme feito por fãs que conta a história da luta entre Ryu e Hugo, conhecida pelos fãs e contada na história de Street Fighter III, mas com uma proposta completamente nova tanto no visual dos personagens, quanto na maneira de descrever visualmente a luta.

Derek Henriques –
Direction, Screenplay, Animation, Project Management, Smoke and Fire FX and Editing

Lá no Estúdio –
Music, Sound Design, Foley and Mixing

Lou Schmidt –
Music, Mixing, Hugo’s Voice

Felipe Alves –
Source Material Consulting

Victor Hugo Queiroz –
Producer, Co-direction, Screenplay, Art Direction, Character Design, Modeling, Rigging, Texturing, Lookdev, Grooming, Lighting, Rendering, FX, Post-production and Compositing)