Keith Schofield: Darwin Deez “You Can’t Be My Girl”

While wandering through the internet, sometimes you come across something weird and beautiful. Keith Schofield who brought us singing crotches in the past, now had some fun with stock footage.

As funny and ridiculous as it is, the video also tells us a sad and over-romantic love story. Fall in love, get married, have children, grow old together, live happily ever after. The images of perfect commercial love give the whole story an extra dimension. It’s not his life, it’s not his girl. Frustration, anger and fighting follows. Although it’s not technically perfect all the time, who cares, it made me laugh.

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James S. Tre

This guy is funny on many levels, this however isn’t one of them,
He says in his treatment :
“Well, stock photos are like 3 steps down from Wal-Mart commercials. Most of it is pure junk.
ALSO – the video is sort of a parody of “tumblr videos” where the videos are nothing but an endless series of hipster imagery. ”

Funny and a bit of a paradox to see him using that “junk” to create another successful video.While mocking the same “hipster imagery” he gladly used to rip off Beck’s Heaven can wait.

Talent is obviously independent of respect and dignity.


@James S. Trey, thankyou for pointing me in the direction of Beck’s Heaven Can Wait, but how this Darwin Deez video is a ‘rip-off’ is lost on me. They have completely different agendas.
Ok so the write-up is less than profound, but it still makes for an entertaining video that makes you think a bit too!

also, less story, but pretty disturbing nonetheless:

James S. Tre

@curiositybox5 :
In Beck’s Heaven Can wait he ripped off a guy called James Hundley, read some comments about it here:

or just check out the original creator’s flickr stream and see for yourself:
And in his written “treatment” (thats right sir, “treatment” is a subjective term) to this current video he goes bashing “Hipster” photos, same photos he gladly ripped off 2 videos ago.

In this video he uses a lot of stock footage which he obviously bought and in his treatment writes about how lame and “garbage” stock footage is.

This guy is talented, but also a walking paradox, a Tool.


This is great. I actually think if it was “technically perfect” it wouldn’t be as effective. I think the humor of it depends on it not being totally seamless, but close to it, whether or not that was the intention.


but he totaly create something new.
There was a lot of controversy about the “Heaven can wait”

Keith Schofield wrote a very long text about “Heaven can wait”:


I see no problem using hipster images in a good way,
next time in a bad way. It’s a love/hate thing. It’s like
the orange/teal look in Hollywood films. I hate it. But if you
compare it to the original footage orange/teal looks great.

Keith Schofield also did this great “Diesel SFW XXX” Clip.
With Found footage, too!
And a lot of other great videos (without found footage).
I think he got a very unique style / humor.

And the Idea of the darwin deez clip is simple amazing.
Its a collage, true. so what. Its more than just a collage.
And more than just put Darwin into some footage scenes.
It tells a story. And fits the song. Its just great.

And how many other directors puts their treatments online?
check them:

even rejected material and additonal material:

its hilarious.
sorry for my bad english.
I’m just a fan of Keith Schofield for so many years.
You/We can learn so much from him.

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