“Marvel” by BlackMeal

Paris-based Blackmeal loves Marvel so much, they decided to make an homage to the company’s 74-year history of creating inspiring characters and telling thrilling stories. We asked Blackmeal a little bit about the project:

Quick Q&A with Blackmeal

Was this a project for a client? Or did you do this purely out of love for Marvel?
It was just purely out of love for Marvel.

It looks like it is mostly traditional animation. Is there any CG involved? If so, how?
It’s hand drawn (frame by frame), but we cheated for some characters: Ironman, Cyclops and the end title were created in 3D (Maya).

Was it difficult figuring out how to portray all of the Marvel characters? How did you design each of them?
No, it was easy. We started with a basic idea: The world of Marvel can be explained with simple shapes.

Thomas Lecomte (animation supervisor) is amazing. He chose 11 characters and wrote a screenplay in a few days. After that, you cannot really explain … it just came naturally. Marvel inspires us.

What is your favorite moment of the spot? Why?
Our favorite is without doubt, the first explosion. This is where it all begins.


Design and animation: Thomas Lecomte
Art direction: Vincent Ben Abdellah
3D composition: Mael François
VFX: Donald Simonet
Editing: Matthieu Colombel
Sound: Mooders

Tip o’ the hat to Will Adams.