Tax Free Film: Omega Watches “Co-Axial World”

Given the equation, “it’s a world made of ________”, solve for watch parts and set quality to high. Parma-based Tax Free Film creates this beautiful piece for Omega Watches.

Commercial produced by Tax Free Film for Omega Watches
Directed by Franco Tassi & Andrea Gasparo
Agency: HMNS
Andrea Lazzarotti (design materials, texturing, models & lighting),
Brian Chinnery, Alessandro Bandinelli, Giorgia Baldissera, Mauro Baldissera (models & lighting)
Guido Zatti (models & lighting e lighting CG Watches)
Fabrizio Cuppini, Federico Tosi (concept design),
Federico Ghirardini (compositing and color grading)
Giulio Leoni (producer)
Luca Albanese and Francesco Taddeucci (Creative Directors)
Alessandro Palmieri and Fabio Milito (Art Directors)