The Fox And King: 11Eleven

Melbourne-based The Fox And King (aka Glenn Thomas) created these short scenes for the 11Eleven Project. Like some of the projects cited in our recent How To Make Sure You Can Show Work In Your Portfolio feature, the film’s creative eventually went in a different direction. Though they weren’t used in the final documentary, Glenn does have some lovely portfolio pieces to show off his illustration and animation skills.

The concept behind the videos was to show the time 11:11, at different places in the world. Night time in NYC. Sunrise in Africa. Coffee & Toast in Melbourne. Catching the subway in Tokyo. The last one, titled Home, was meant to be a nostalgic piece, to evoke that feeling of wonder we all use to have as children, before life started and got in the way.


Pete McEvoy

Get thee to the quickie section


This seems a little odd, maybe a little more explanation about the project or something? Nothing against the artist but some of the stuff in recent quickies blows this away.

magnus atom

Agreed. Not that its not cool, cause it is. But a full post?

Not Right

I think you guys are missing the point. The description was pretty clear to me. It’s on topic, specifically to the post about portfolio work. It’s a follow up and I’m glad they posted it.

It’s a small but tasteful example of the work that would be in purgatory if the release for portfolio wasn’t an option. Imagine the hundreds of thousands of creations threatened by overreaching clients. It’s an educational post.

Lilian Darmono (@liliandarmono)

‘Melbourne Based’ ! Yay! Hometown pride. Nice post, Michelle, nice work, Glenn!


Beautiful. Nice to see emphasis placed on these somewhat ethereal little moments of life – and as short as they are, still stand knuckle and fist against much of the commercial work out there in my opinion. More please.

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