Blur: League of Legends Cinematic “A Twist of Fate”

It’s getting very hard to stand out in the world of game cinematics. But somehow Blur always manages to pull it off.

Case in point, “A Twist of Fate,” Blur’s trailer for League of Legends, the multi-player battle game from Riot Games. Each vignette in the trailer pumps up the action from the previous vignette, culminating in an over-the-top battle royale that even the most jaded consumer of game trailers can appreciate.

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Justin Cone

Together with Carlos El Asmar, Justin co-founded Motionographer, F5 and The Motion Awards. He currently lives in Austin, Texas with is wife, son and fluffball of a dog. Before taking on Motionographer full-time, Justin worked in various capacities at Psyop, NBC-Universal, Apple, Adobe and SCAD.



OUAHHHOU, amazing ;) LoL

Paulo Muppet

Very impressive, top notch character animation too. Congratulations for everyone on this amazing team!


This is visually crazy.

I’m gonna throw out a “but” here:

BUT does anyone else think maybe game cinematics could try a little harder to not be this story? Aren’t they almost always a reveal of guys one-upping each other until the huge giant monster shows up and then it cuts out? Maybe that’s all they should be but I dunno, seems like there’s an opportunity to do more with the story.

Vladimir Tomin

For me it does feels like a waste of great talent! Unbelievable visual muscles used to tell poor story. It is so incredibly boring to watch but it also so technically perfect and does looks so great that I left with unresolved conflict inside after watching this one.


Isn’t the unresolved conflict sort of the point?
To motivate you to get the game and resolve said conflict?
Always fantastic work from Blur, I expect nothing else.

Vladimir Tomin

I don’t quite understand how the situation where very talented people waste their talent on poorly directed and lazy written and as result incredibly boring piece would help me to want to buy the game? I’m lost, I’m sorry.


The game itself has very little story. There is no campaign mode, just multiplayer. There is lore about the characters for those who want to get more into it, but that would involve them making countless movies to represent enough characters (over 70 I believe). The game is about defeating the enemy team through combat. For them do do a story would involve using one character at a time which would get pretty boring and take away from the action that the fans love. This game is about constantly reacting and fighting your enemies, not discovering who the characters are and their backgrounds.

This actually represents the characters very well and really brings them to life. To call this “boring” because there is no story is ridiculous and you missed the point of it entirely. It’s like critics saying that a comedy movie sucked because the plot was dumb, the whole point was to make you laugh!

I can’t believe you said this was a waste of talent. Most show reels would consist of clips of your BEST work! Not entire stories and entire projects. How is it a waste fo talent? It came out AMAZING, it’s not like they were forced to use stick figures or something like that. Blur doesn’t make feature films, they just make shit look cool. If you want story, go read a book

Justin Cone

I gotta agree with you — even though I made the original post. I’m ready for something new in the world of game cinematics. I really liked what Psyop did for Bethesda and Dishonored, but I’m also pretty biased (since I work for Psyop). :-)


Yeah the Psyop stuff was pretty nice, but honestly, I feel that nothing happened them. It reminds me of Dragon Ball Z back in the day as a child. I would get so excited to see some cool stuff happen, and you would go through weeks of episodes with nothing. Just slow pans and people sitting there and talking. You have these great characters that can do SO MUCH, but they rarely let them actually do stuff. Story is important, but eventually you get tired of it and want to see some actions, ESPECIALLY if the whole appeal IS that they are aliens that can fly, shoot energy, move fast, super strong, fight etc.

But those games were different compared to League. You are comparing console single player games that go in one direction to an online multiplayer game with single player campaign or ending.

Nick oh

I am still waiting for a full length feature in Blur quality…


you should all know that none of the people in this video work at blur, but yet they seem to be taking credit for work they obviously didn’t do…



too bad the game sucks. the trailers nowadays are so much better than the actual games it really beats the purpose for me


whassup with that animation director in that behind the scenes?? gawd if he was my animation director, id punch that guy in the face…


The stylized character animation is really stunning – the physics behind every movement is so believable.

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