Meindbender and Techno Image: UFCECÊ – for Gillette

The powerhouse duo of Meindbender and Techno Image have come together to create this masterpiece. It pairs director Pedro Conti’s style, voice, and flow with Meinbender’s beautiful technical skills in lighting and shading.  It’s clear how much care was put into the development of the spot from the overall mood and pacing of the piece in addition to the well designed characters and how they fit in. Overall UFCECE feels fresh and is a well executed, great full-CG spot!

You can check out some making of material here on Techno Image’s site and some other details on Pedro’s site about his involvement here.

Production Companies: Techno Image, Meindbender
Executive Producer: Guilherme Proença, Michael Bengtsson
Directors: Pedro Conti, Tiago Hoisel, Derek Henriques

Character and Environment Design: Tiago Hoisel, Lucas Leibholz, Alexandre Assumpção, Saulo Brito
Storyboards: Lucas Leibholz, Tiago Hoisel, Alexandre Assumpção
Animatic: Derek Henriques, Alexandre Assumpção, Tiago Hoisel
Color Key: Tiago Hoisel, Lucas Leibholz
Photography Direction: Pedro Conti, Tiago Hoisel
CG Supervisor: Pedro Conti
Character Modeling/Texturing: Pedro Conti, Victor Hugo, Mariano Steiner, Bruno Melo.

Rigging: Calle Halldin
Animation Supervisor: Olov Burman
Animation Lead: Calle Halldin
Animator: Derek Henriques, Eric Deuel, Ivan Oviedo.
3D Generalist: Grzegorz Dalek Saman Mahmoudi, Stefan Ekstéen
Hair and Dynamics: Emanuele Niri
Environment Modeling/Texturing: Alexandre Assumpção, Pedro Conti, Victor Hugo, Derek Henriques, Hernan Zuniga, André Paixão,l Rafael Ghencev, Mike Verta.
Lighting and Rendering: Pedro Conti, Michael Bengtsson, Mike Verta
Compositing: Pedro Conti, Tiago Hoisel, Victor Hugo Queiroz, Derek Henriques
Audio: Sustain Studio, Lá no Estudio



So very well done! Lots of little details make it worth rewatching.

Brandon White

Very cool spot! A lot of heavy lifting on this one. Well done.


titties bouncing FTW!!!!

Mario Ucci

Agree 100% with Andres here. This is up there with the best full-CG ads ever made. Congratulations to all involved!

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