Karni and Saul: The Staves “Winter Trees”

London-based Karni and Saul blend beautiful compositing with peculiar creatures inspired by laser-cut wood in this music video for The Staves’ Winter Trees.

For more woodcut-goodness, check out Nando Costa’s The New America and the work of Huntergatherer.

The Staves Winter Trees (Atlantic Records)
Directors: Karni and Saul
Production Company: Aardman Animations
Producer: Lynn Hollowell
Production Coordinator: Sarah Babbage
Editor: Dan Hembery
Character Design: Saul Freed
Illustrator: Owen Williams
Lead Character TD: Nathan Guttridge
TD: Maria Ocantos
Modelling TD: Rich Spence
Rigger: Dorota Sikorska
2D Animator: Tim Ruffle
3D Animator: Mathew Rees
Lead lighter/renderer: Ali Dixon
Lighter: Andy Lavery
Lead compositor/grade: Bram Ttwheam
Compositor: Jim Lewis, Jon Biggins
Commissioner: Sarah Tognazzi