Louis Morton: Passer Passer

Synaesthesia? Yes, please. Louis Morton‘s Passer Passer caught my eye in Cartoon Brew’s excellent Sundance coverage. It kicks off with echoes of Oskar Fischinger, but then compellingly walks the line between representational and abstract images, layering them visually with the elastic logic that works best in animation. Amazing sound design provided by Katie Gately.

For more of Louis’s work, check out Shape Dance (co-directed with Amy Lee Ketchum, the deliciously physical Adobe First Frame opener (embedded below), and more synaesthesia in Platter.

Hat tip to Cartoon Brew.

Passer Passer Credits
Directed & Animated By: Louis Morton
Sound Design: Katie Gately
Faculty Mentors: Kathy Smith, Sheila Sofian, Christine Panushka
Additional Advisement: Candace Reckinger, Mike Patterson, Tom Sito
Production Supervisor: Mar Elepaño
Additional Animation Assistance: Josh Weisbrod
Additional In-Between Assistance: Jake Zhang
Clean-Up and Shading Assistance: Simo Liu
Sound Consultant: Bethany Sparks