CONNECTION: MADinSpain Title Sequence

Full of unexpected moments and playful imagery, “CONNECTION” is a fresh take on conference title sequences created by the immensely talented Sebas & Clim (Hornet) for MadinSpain’s 2014 event.

A little philosophy from the directors:

We used connection as common thread for presenting the speakers and the activities of the festival. CONNECTION is a link between two or more different elements. It is what makes us believe we are part of a whole. The link between you and me could be anything.

A relationship or connection can be casual, irrational, or surrealist. Creativity is the result of the associations between different concepts and experiences. Analogies are unexpected comparisons or clever similarities found in between two different elements.

Submitted by Jrcanest via reddit


Client: Mad in Spain
Directed & Produced by: Sebas and Clim
With the Special Collaboration of: Guillaume Mégroz
Music & Sound Design: Aimar Molero
Director of Photography (Life Action): Àlex Sans
Assistants: Carolina Dexwik + Guillaume Mégroz
Model: Silvia Giménez
Additional Animation: Juan Buscarons