When your mother warned you against riding motorcycles, this isn’t what she had in mind.

“Horde” is a stylishly terrifying short from Brvtvs Collective, a group of talented French artists who all graduated from the advanced cycle in digital direction at Supinfocom Arles in 2012. Stunning lighting, innovative camera work and ghoulish character design make this film worthy of frame-by-frame inspection.

Before “Horde,” sub-teams of Brvtvs worked graduation theses that are also worth watching, if you haven’t already:

Camille Perrin and Thibaud Clergue: “Contre Temps”

Aurélien Duhayon and Sébastien Iglesias: “Azúl”


Thibaud Clergue
Aurélien Duhayon
Sébastien Iglesias
Camille Perrin

Hat tip to Erica Gorociao