Plenty shows off skills and space with a new reel

Argentinian studio, Plenty, drops an untraditional reel bursting with a wide range of polished work. The bow that ties their montage together is fun: it seems meant to appeal to both new clients and prospective talent, alike.

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Erica Gorochow

Erica is a motion designer and director based in Brooklyn NY. Her work has been recognized by the likes of the Vimeo Festival, Fast Co. Design and AdWeek. Additionally, she has written about the world of motion design for The Creators Project and Motionographer and was previously an adjunct professor at NYU’s ITP graduate program.


tuesday mcgowan

Playful and smart! This reel is magnificent. My only recommend would be to do a little trimming.


God that was awful and way too long…
the french do it better


watch their previous reel and stfu :P


A little long but full of energy and color. Love it!


muy trucho todo
+ aburrido

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