Bikers in light suits make mesmerizing art

NVA’s “Ghost Peloton” is a short film directed by Mark Huskisson that beautifully documents the performances of LED-clad cyclists and Phoenix Dance Theatre dancers. When paired with a soundtrack from Frame Missing, the effect is trance-inducing.

From NVA:

Created for the grand depart of the Tour de France 2014 from Yorkshire, Ghost Peloton fuses performance cycling with athletic choreography performed by Phoenix Dance Theatre’s dancers, and the varied landscapes of race route. Each rider, bike and performer was illuminated using NVA’s bespoke LED light suit, which can instantaneously change colour, flash-rate and luminosity. The rhythm of movement from the choreographed actions of massed participants becomes a source of creativity in itself, extending perception of the immediate setting.

A “peloton,” in case you’re wondering, is the main group of riders in a cycling race, usually traveling together to reduce wind resistance.

Created in partnership with Sustrans for Yorkshire Festival 2014.

Via The Creators Project