It’s Back: Yule Log 2.0(14)!


Gather round world wide web! Daniel Savage, Oddfellows and Wondersauce have banded together to present the blazing work of over 80 artists. Inspired by the iconic WPIX-11 Yule Log, Yule Log 2.0 invites  illustrators, animators, directors, and creative coders to reinterpret the hearth in whatever way they see fit. Now in its second year, I think we can safely call this collaborative project a holiday tradition.

There are several public screenings planned around New York, including the lobby of Viacom and an event at Big Screen Plaza — or you can watch ’em all from the warmth of your browser.


Yule Log Artists include:

Adam Patch
Angie Son & Shawn Kim
Albert Omoss
Andrew Herzog & Moises Silva
Andrew Schoneweis
Bran Dougherty Johnson
Brian GossettTJ Sochor
Cindy Suen
Conrad McLeod
Dave Whyte (bees and bombs)
Emmett Dzieza
Foster & Flux
Frederik Wiedel & Jaun Behren
Ian Sigmon
Jarratt Moody
Jeroen “calango” Krielaars
Jimmy Simpson
Joao Coutinho & Aly Tain
John CusterEddie Song
Lou Papa
Leandro Casteleo & Ale Pixel
Leo Romanski
Lydia NicholsChris KellyStanton Cameron
Miguel Jiron
Mike Landry
Oliver Sin
Peter Millard
Peter Quin
Po Chen Chia
Script & Seal & Colin Trenter
Seth Eckert
Stephen Kelleher
Timothy J Reynolds
Vincent Lammers
Adam Grabowski
Ben HillJil Tai
Bianca Meier & Daniel Leyva
Brett Renfer
Chris Lohouse & Salih Abdul-Karim
Dark Igloo
Ege Soyuer & Nick Petley
Alicia Reece & Emory Allen
Eric Epstein
Erin Kilkenny
James Curran
Jay Quercia
Jen Lu & Tim Nolan & Christina Lu
Jerry Liu
Joe Russ, Syd Weiler & Ben Tillett
Jordan Scott
Jorge Candedo Estrada
Josh Parker
Joshua Catalano
Julian Glander
Keetra Dean Dixon
Matthias Hoegg
Michelle Higa FoxAvi JacobShixie Shi & Stephanie Swart
Nadia Shireen Husain
Pat Clarke
Patrick Finn
Pierce Gibson
Seth Hulewat, Mike Potter & John Bermingham
Skip Hursh
Wesley Ebelhar
Will Anderson
Mimi Cave
Tony Benna
Daniel Savage
Ben Barry
Yussef Cole

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About the author

Erica Gorochow

Erica is a motion designer and director based in Brooklyn NY. Her work has been recognized by the likes of the Vimeo Festival, Fast Co. Design and AdWeek. Additionally, she has written about the world of motion design for The Creators Project and Motionographer and was previously an adjunct professor at NYU’s ITP graduate program.



Some really great, simple work, but I can’t tell who did what! Each piece should clearly state the name of the artist(s) that worked on it, no?

Daniel Savage

Thanks Erica! @umotigre – below every single film has the artist’s name, site, and twitter account.


ahh… now i see it. my bad. the videos resized to fill my screen and i didn’t notice i could scroll, duh. excellent work.

tuesday mcgowan

I really love this. Refreshing explorations on the traditional Yule log with no trace of committee decision making or over thinking . . . just pure expressive design. Bravo, and thanks for sharing!


Really awesome work!! When will the showing at Big Screen Plaza be held?

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