The Line: Amaro and Walden’s Joyride

Dang. So much attitude and animation skill in The Line‘s latest short, Amaro and Walden. Warning some bits are NSFW.

Don’t miss the full making of by scrolling down here.

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Creator of Amaro and Walden Tim McCourt

Character Design Tim McCourt

Directed by Tim McCourt and Max Taylor

Executive Producers Electric Theatre Collective

Director of Photography Andrew Corrigan

Production assistant Dan Jessop

Music Hugo Chegwin and Fred Berry

Editing Tim McCourt, Max Taylor, and Julia Knight

Animation Peter Dodd, Jonathan Djob Nkondo, Tim McCourt, Wesley Louis, Sam Taylor, Bjorn Aschim, James Duveen, Kristian Antonelli

FX Animation Duncan Gist

Clean Up Tim McCourt, Duncan Gist, Aude Carpentier, Sam Taylor, Imre Horváth, James Duveen, Iria Lopez

Colour Tim McCourt, Max Taylor, Duncan Gist

Compositing Max Taylor, James Belch, Anna Sigüenza, Chris Fraser

Colourist Aubrey Woodwiss

Colour Assist Lewis Cross Field

Starring Suggs, Lauren Hedges, Eugenia Simo Grijalbo, 3 Legged Dog, Oliver Macintosh

Thanks to Jerry Flemming, Tom Box, Maeve O’Connell, Taran Spear, Sarah Crux, Lee Pavey, James Sindle, Giles Cheetahm, Dan Marum, Natashka Cheetahm, Gabriella Cerenzia, Dog Eared Films, Frith Street Tattoo, Jaguar Shoes, our parents, Ellie Cook and Lydia Raghavan.

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Simon Robson

Too good! Love it. Is that Suggs from ‘Madness” at 1:25?


Damn, Fantastically fun!


Really well done – KICKASS!


These two need their own show! I hope to see more of these guys – Awesome job!

Donavon B

It’s crazy they were able to do such awesome compositing with that sort of footage.
Super hot.

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