“Seed,” a surreal trip powered by photoscanned objects

Munich-based Aixsponza (“eks-sponza”) broke out their entire arsenal of CG weaponry for “Seed,” a surreal journey featuring everything from photoreal retro electronics to spooky, 3D-scanned humans dressed in Native American headgear. 

The project also served as a showcase of the recently announced Cinema 4D R17, which Aixsponza had advanced access to. Although they used many different techniques and technologies, C4D acted as a “hub” for the team. It’s where everything came together.

In terms of the technical process, Aixsponza says:

Photoscanning of nearly all objects, Octane and Arnold rendering, Softimage ICE for a few shots, Houdini for a few others and heaps of Cinema4d for all of the rest gets the shells flying and glowing. Add a bit of WorldMachine for landscapes (plus ZBrush and Modo for cleanup and retopo) and you’ve got our pipeline for this piece.

Making of


Direction: Manuel Casasola Merkle, Christian Tyroller
Concept: Elisabeth Schlichtner, Moritz Schwind, Ingo Walde
Composer / Sound Design: Michael Fakesch 3d Artists: Leonhard Akinbiyi, Manuel Casasola Merkle, Marcel Dolschon, Simon Fiedler, Michael Haupt, Ava Kalf, Jens Kindler, Lars Korb, Moritz Schwind, Achim August Tietz, Ingo Walde, Fuat Yüksel, Matthias Zabiegly
Compositing: Tobias Müller People Photogrammetry: Gotoxy AV Media – Sven Fiebiger, Frank Zwick
Actresses: Barbara Casasola Merkle, Denise Matthey, Victoria Voss
Makeup Artist: Eileen Richter
Catering: Anja Sobawa
Production Baby: Luzie Casasola Merkle