Fabrik winners

A couple weeks ago, we hosted a little contest for people interested in trying out Fabrik, a portfolio creation tool that supports Vimeo integration.


After combing through many, many sites from around the world, we narrowed it down to 10 winners. Each winner gets free a Fabrik membership for life. (Woo hoo!)

We evaluated portfolios with two primary questions in mind:

  1. Did the creator put some thought and care into building their site?
  2. Does the portfolio represent a consistent, compelling vision backed by high quality work?

Clearly, some folks took this as a speed challenge. And while Fabrik is fast, we wanted to reward people who put some energy into presenting themselves to the world.

The winners

Philip Arthur / London, UK


Rachel Brickel / Los Angeles, US


Joe Brooks / London, UK


Browndog Productions / Brisbane, Australia


David Matityahu / London, UK


Andrew Popplestone / London, UK


Luis Fernando Roca / Savannah, US


Ryan Tuttle / Atlanta, US


Zach Youse / Los Angeles, US


Artjoms Zenevics / Riga, Latvia


Congratulations to the winners and thanks to everyone who participated!

Motionographer has not received compensation of any sort for this post. Just spreading the love.

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