Striving for imperfection: Michael Fragstein’s “Dagner”

In the the music video for “Dagner,” a new track from Dan Freeman and The Serious, small human figures appear trapped in a series of elaborate pop-up scenes floating in darkness. Each scene is artfully damaged in some way, carefully imperfect.


Director Michael Fragstein explains the process behind the look:

We used photogrammetric processing of digital images to generate the 3D set-up. After several tests with different apps, we chose photoScan for production.


To get a vivid and almost handmade look, we played with inaccuracy within the process by feeding the system with poor footage or tweaking the software parameters to low values.


Sketching the twisted logic of the scenes

Building the scenes in 3D

3D_BUILD_001 3D_BUILD_003 3D_BUILD_009


Music: Dan Freeman And The Serious
Director: Michael Fragstein
Production Company: Büro Achter April
Set Design: Turan Tehrani
DoP: Rainer Sprenger
Performer: Igor Weiss
Grading: Walking On The Moon

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Jodi Terwilliger

This is great. Super weird. I love it!

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