So long, Brett!

We don’t normally post industry happenings, but this one is personal. 


After 28 years in the business, Brett Ashy announced today that he’s closing his shop, The Ashy Agency, and leaving the industry entirely. He’ll be moving back to Louisiana to be closer to family.

Brett was instrumental in the growth of both Tween and Motionographer. Back in 2006, Brett invited me PromaxBDA in New York City. In addition to interviewing me before an audience of industry veterans and hungry up-and-comers, Brett opened every door possible for me — easy to do when you hold the keys to the kingdom.

While in New York, I met with Carlos El Asmar for the first time. Shortly afterwards, Carlos and I launched F5 together and created Poyo Studios to oversee both that festival and Motionographer. We are partners to this day, 10 years later.

That was just one of several fortuitous encounters made possible by Brett over the years. He’s a natural connector and curator of people.

For me — and I think for others, too — Brett’s exit from the industry is the end of an era. He will be missed.


Don’t be a stranger, Big Poppa!

(You can read my account of the New York trip here. The formatting has degraded over time, but the text is all there.)


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Justin Cone

Together with Carlos El Asmar, Justin co-founded Motionographer, F5 and The Motion Awards. He currently lives in Austin, Texas with is wife, son and fluffball of a dog. Before taking on Motionographer full-time, Justin worked in various capacities at Psyop, NBC-Universal, Apple, Adobe and SCAD.



aww bretts the best!


Brett loved the industry. He was a fan of every part of it from the designers to agencies to clients. There wasn’t a person who didn’t know him and appreciate him. I remember when Promax was in a weird state and he came in with an excitement and energy that bridged where it was to where it is today. The entertainment branding space wouldn’t be the same without him. Even more than all of that, Brett is a great guy. Geaux Brett!



Thank you for posting this!

I too owe my career to Brett.

In 2009 I had the privilege of serving as Brett’s student liaison at SCAD’s “Inspire” event and even moderated an interview between he and Peter Frankfurt of Imaginary Forces. Later that year Brett facilitated several meet and greets for me out west. However, my roots in the east kept me local to the Mid-Atlantic.

A year later I was working for National Geographic in the Post Production department as an editor, far away from the creative work that I loved. I was miserable. Feeling frustrated and stuck, I reached out to Brett. Without hesitation, he got me into contact with some guys he had once helped out at CNN, and the rest is history

And to go complete full circle…It is to you Justin, that I owe my current position at NBCNews where I work for none other than Ventura Castro and Carlos El Asmar! Who coincidentally, I had met at the first F5 as a volunteer thanks again to you and Brett!


Thanks J… our few degrees of connection in this industry start with Brett for sure!

Brett we won’t miss you… we are coming with you to the real LA!

I too owe this man a lot, as he helped me make turns in my career that were only for the best and he never asked for anything in return… only that he liked to dive into my bussom unannounced and in public view and I could not object, haha!

The Snake Pit, TADA, PromaxBDA Board meetings, and what about the parties! Too many great memories and some dangerous photos… we must share soon…

Brett you are loved and for those in this industry that do not appreciate and only know how to misbehave, f-them!!! you know what I mean right?


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