PopUp F5

It’s been three years too many since the last F5, and we wanted to change that.

We’re thrilled to announce that we will be partnering with PromaxBDA this year to bring you the first ever PopUp F5!

We’ll be joining forces to kick off the conference, F5 style, with a four-hour ride packed with creativity and inspiration. Unlike F5, PopUpF5 at PromaxBDA will focus exclusively on motion design. We’ve got industry experts, master title designers, and up-and-coming motion designers.  Plus, you know we had to bring back some F5 allstars as well.

Space is limited, so get your tickets while you can here.

To get things going, we sat down with Steve Kazanjian, the President and CEO of PromaxBDA, to chat about the upcoming event and where things are headed!


Thanks for taking the time to chat with us! PromaxBDA has quite a long history, can you tell us how it has evolved over the years into what it is today? 

PromaxBDA was founded in 1956, right around the same time as the birth of prime time television. We’ve been had a front row seat for the watershed moments that have transformed our industry: the consolidation of station groups, the rise of cable, the birth of desktop design, and now the transition from linear into digital.  Our members have not only kept pace with those shifts — they’ve set the standard for success in the period that followed. Today, our association represents a community of thousands of award winning creatives, designers, and marketers building the biggest media brands in the world.

How do you see PromaxBDA fitting into today’s ever changing world? 

In this new golden era of entertainment our creative and marketing is more powerful, evocative, and emotional than ever. But with this new democratization of content creation and distribution, we’ve also seen a democratization of content curation.  The viewer is now the arbiter of taste, as we as creative marketers and designers are now seeing user-generated content transform into user-generated marketing. We believe that this transformation poses new opportunities for remarkable storytelling and campaigns, and it’s our obligation to surface the best practices and strategies that will allow our members to succeed in the years ahead.

With this year’s event, why the partnership with F5, and why now?

An evolution in technology always ushers in a revolution of creativity.  They are opposite sides of the same coin.  The birth of desktop publishing and the Mac inspired designers to use layout and typography in incredible new ways – which in turn ushered in Emigre and Raygun magazine.  After Effects, Photoshop, and Illustrator allowed access to equipment that was once only available to a rarified few in post houses – and changed the landscape of on-air design.  Today, the platforms available to designers are extraordinary. and the creativity is boundless.  The wider entertainment marketing community needs to be exposed to the unbounded design inspiration that F5 provides. Collectively, can inspire each other into the next evolution of our industry.

What excites you the most about PopUp F5?

Without a doubt, the community.  PromaxBDA has always been a safe harbor in the tempest of our industry.  Competitors become collaborators and inspiration becomes boundless.  The opportunity to connect with new creatives who may have never been to one of our conferences is incredibly exciting.

And what are you most looking forward to with this year’s events? 

The entire lineup of content is the strongest it’s been. Without a doubt, I’m looking forward to assumptions being overturned, creativity to be challenged, and to leave excited to “create what’s next.”

Looking toward the future, what’s next for PromaxBDA? 

Stay tuned.  It’s going to be an amazing next few years!