Our Top Ten Most Viewed Quickies of 2021

Hello. It’s great to be back.

It’s almost mid-January, and that means the festivities are well and truly over for another year (and we don’t just mean The Motion Awards).

Whether your notepad is packed full of resolutions or you’re already back on the cakes and biscuits, there’s still one thing we need to do before we can officially kick start 2022.

So, grab yourself a coffee, take a seat, and take a look through our most viewed Quickies of 2021. Congratulations to everyone that made a list, and here’s to another incredible year of creativity and inspiration.

Marharita Tsikhanovich | SEA

Melancholic and minimalistic narration in the form of animation about the transience of being, the levity of the time, the illusion of freedom, and the loneliness of a little man in the sea of life.



Jones Knowles Ritchie | Burger King Anthem

Burger King is on a mission to transform its business, achieving the highest standards for food quality, sustainability, and restaurant experiences in the QSR industry. It was time for their visual identity to reflect the rest of their business by creating a brand world that modern consumers could feel good about.




Scott Palazzo | Someplace in Time

Illustrating a passage from Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse-five, Someplace in Time looks through charcoal, watercolor, collage, and film to capture the mind of a man reliving his past.



Hitabarity 3D // Mestremotion | Between Two & Three

What happens when you mix 2D motion graphics and 3D design? Colorful loops, full of dynamism and creative tricks that will set your day in motion.



Kimathi Flavien | Lockdown

A representation of our conflicting emotions during the pandemic. We wanted to be productive, and at the same time, our fear of the virus was exhausting us. This piece asks us to accept how we feel and take some time for ourselves.



Rafael Gonçalves | Kendall

CureGRIN family tells the story of their daughter Kendall who has a variant in her GRIN2D genes.



Linetest | Less Noise, More Life

Follow the incredible life journey of Bowhead whales in the Arctic ocean and raise awareness of the impact our human progress has had on their lives.



Imaginary Forces | “Invasion” Title Sequence for Apple TV+

The sequence is an eerie and daunting environment capturing the ways society is clinging onto humanity.




Video installation created by Uber Eck & MOTOMOTO for MCBW 2021.



Cream Studio | Lungs & You

An animated tv spot that visualizes the desolate journey of someone suffering with Interstitial Lung Disease (ILD).