Ask Me Anything with Carlos El Asmar

For the first time ever, Motionographer co-founder Carlos El Asmar takes the hot seat for our new segment: Ask Me Anything (AMA).

If you have any questions you’ve always wanted to ask about the history, present, or future of Motion Design and Motionographer… now’s your chance!

We’re opening the comments section for you to submit your questions. You can also hit us up on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook with whatever’s on your mind.

The AMA will be posted on Motiongrapher later this month.

Get ready for a Motionographer that you’ve never seen before!




Who are your favorite Motion Designers right now?


Are NFTs a scam?


Motion Graphics or Motion Design? Is there a difference?

Do you still speak to Justin Cone?

Whitney Alexander

Do you also not really enjoy most cornbread but will still eat it when you’re hanging out with friends in order to avoid confusing scrutiny?

I mean, who cares, it’s just one type of bread right?

Dan Thompson

Who are your favourite Motion Designers right now?

Brendan Wright

When did you start The Motion Awards? And why?


Why have you decided to put your face out to the industry now & what stopped you in the past?


What was your favourite F5 festival?


How can you tell if you are good enough to start looking for a job/internship?

Ryan Wise

Can we have Cream O’ the Crop back

Marissa Smith

What’s the best project you ever worked on?

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