Celebrating the 2021 Winners | 2020 Golden Pin Design Award Grand Ceremony » Bito


EVENTS Live Events Graphics

A system of motion graphic elements presented within the context of an event (e.g. award show, concert, sporting event, news event)

The theme “2020” was chosen for the awards ceremony to symbolize the many abrupt impacts and challenges caused by the pandemic, which has brought our previously rapid global development to a halt, allowing people to take a step back, reflect on the meaning of life, and explore a future trajectory that embraces more sustainable development.
For this year’s ceremony, the Awards organizer transformed “2020” into a symbol that represents an opportunity for change, hoping to encourage designers and businesses alike to reflect on the existing model and rethink the meaning of creative design.
With the floating large cube LED, the image becomes a physical existence like a building, and then with the visual design as the core, lighting, music, smoke and smell are added to make the audience truly immersed in a new live experience.

Directed by Bito
Client:台灣設計研究院 TDRI(Taiwan Design Research Institute)
Creative Director:劉耕名 Keng-Ming Liu
Account Manager:彭乃芸 Naiyun Peng
Copy Director:黃心怡 Vicki Huang
Art Director:黃鈺凱 Tifu Huang、謝鎮璘 Chen-Lin Hsieh
Stage Designer :許鶴錦Bird Hsu
Senior Producer: 謝翔 Hsiang Hsieh
Producer:劉妤暄 Tammy Liu
劉耕名 Keng-Ming Liu
孟奇 Qi Meng
謝鎮璘 Chen-Lin Hsieh
黃鈺凱 Tifu Huang
謝翔 Hsiang Hsieh
張方禹Aka Chang
蘇暉凱 Hui Kai Su
侯旅雯 Lu Wen Hou
謝鎮璘 Chen-Lin Hsieh
黃鈺凱 Tifu Huang
高慶和 Chin Ho Kao
吳克軍 Ke-Jyun Wu
謝鎮璘 Chen-Lin Hsieh
黃鈺凱 Tifu Huang
呂秉真 Binbin Lu
謝鎮璘 Chen-Lin Hsieh
黃鈺凱 Tifu Huang
高慶和 Chin Ho Kao
劉岱諺 Derrick Liu
吳克軍 Ke-Jyun Wu
成邦威 Bang-Wei Cheng
江昱緯 Albert Chaing
許凱鈞 KhooKG
Partial 3D animation concept inspired by Ouchhh
Editing:黃鈺凱 Tifu Huang
Music & Sound Design: 韓承燁 Cheng-Yeh Han
Scent Design: ALIZ 愛裡。時氣味藝術
Lighting Artist: 張方禹Aka Chang
Lighting Design: 余明憲 Sean Yu
On-set Filming Crew
Director:江晉源 Jimmy Chiang
劉書銓 Shane Liu
范勇志 Yuji Fann
邱聖益 Alan Chiu
陳威德 Weide Chen
Editing:莊仲凱 Kyle Jhuang