6 Tips to Grab Attention on Social Media

Promoting your work and skills can be challenging in a world where you’re disputing attention, not only with other professionals and studios but also with other types of content mixed in between everyone’s feeds. 

But don’t go thinking the only way to make a mark and catch the attention of good clients is by going viral (or being showcased here at Motionographer). 

We’ve put together six tips to strengthen your presence on social and creative platforms that should improve your chances of reaching better clients as a Motion Designer, freelancer, or studio (…it works on every level of the spectrum)!

1. Consistency is key

For the dreaded algorithms, consistency is essential because social and creative platforms want to keep you (and your audience) always close to them. That doesn’t mean you need to post every hour of every day! Define the days of the week you can engage with each channel and try sticking with them.

Some platforms already show you the best moments to reach your audience, but as a rule of thumb, try to identify when your desired audience/clients are more likely to be scrolling through their feeds and looking for inspiration/new talent.

2. Be everywhere (but in a smart way).

Reading that you should be everywhere might feel really scary, but stick with us. You don’t need to create new, exclusive content for every channel you want to have. You also don’t need to be on all the platforms that exist. The key here is to understand the best ones that fit your needs and repurpose/adapt your content throughout them.

It’s important to understand that even if your audience follows you across all your platforms, they might not receive your content with the same frequency on each one of them. Make it easier for your desired client to remember you, and don’t be afraid to post the same content everywhere.


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3. Break in small pieces (and repeat).

Speaking of repurposing content, you can have multiple pieces coming from one project. Knowing how to break your creation into smaller chunks can help you share more information about it.

Your audience may not see all of your posts on all the platforms they follow you on. In the same way, they might only be reached by some of the posts from the same project.

There’s no harm in reposting a project from time to time to try to reach people that didn’t have the opportunity to see that work.

4. Share your expertise but also your values.

You might already know that sharing your creative and strategic processes can help reinforce your expertise and abilities to your prospects and audience.

Behind-the-scenes (BTS) and work-in-progress (WIPs) are a great way to show your skills and bring your audience closer to you since it brings a more human touch to your content.

This alone can help clients understand if you are a good fit for an upcoming project. But sharing your values and beliefs is as important as sharing your abilities. These can create a powerful organic filter that brings audiences that are aligned with your ethics closer to you.


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5. Document (don’t just create).

You don’t need to restrict your social media presence to only posting perfectly finalized projects.

The secret to keeping consistency (without going crazy by spending a lot of time on just a single post) is to document as you do it.


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Record your screen, take photos, talk about what you’re doing – while doing it – and the whole “social media sharing” becomes lighter and much more rewarding as it’s easier for others to relate and join the conversation and expectation of what you’re building.


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6. Don’t forget to network

Like any other social situation, digital platforms are a way to get to know new people and make contacts. Sometimes you only need to interact with peers and potential clients, and you maintain or create relationships through comments and reactions.

Take some time to check what people in your industry are discussing on social and creative platforms, and join the conversation whenever you have something relevant to share or when you want to learn more about a topic. Building the habit of interacting with the creative community can help you become a top-of-mind professional among peers and prospects.

Ultimately, a strong presence on digital platforms relies on consistently communicating your skills and values and always being open to new relationships. Start small, step by step, and with time you’ll build relevancy and connection to people that are looking for someone just like you.


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About the author

Felippe Silveira

Felippe is a Brazilian designer and animator that went searching for knowledge on marketing and sales strategy to bring MOWE closer to clients and peers. MOWE is a global creative studio founded by Felippe and his partner Raff Marques, focused on bringing ideas to life through animations and motion graphics made with purpose. Having worked with many companies from the 500 Fortune like Google, Pfizer and Adobe, MOWE's team mixes strategy and creativity to bring value to their partners. Check their social presence on Instagram, LinkedIn or Behance.